about me

Hi there! My name is Julie.  I am from Holladay, Utah (a suburb of Salt Lake City). For the last eleven years I have resided in Orem, Utah with my husband Jared. We have three beautiful children, including a pair of boy/girl twins. Life is busy, crazy, and yet so very wonderful. I love to talk about real life, things of substance, and what really matters most. I often have to write about these things to simply to keep my priorities in check.  I do all of this in hopes of inspiring others to share their own stories so we can grow together. I am not one to hide behind the facade of any type of perfection. I firmly believe that when we share our stories and true feelings we break down the walls that can so easily divide us. As those walls get broken down, our truth comes to light.  We are then able to truly see and love each other for who we really are. In my experience, that is when an abundance of love, grace, and beauty flow into our lives. If you find negativity from others by sharing your true self, then perhaps those people are not meant to be surrounding you.

Some of my passions and hobbies are home design and decor, kids vintage-style fashion, and finding humor in the every day. I am a strong advocate for mental health awareness as I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for nearly twenty years. I am also finding an emerging sense of self-acceptance as I’ve battled a severe endocrine disorder that has left me nearly double my normal weight and size. My current mission is to love myself in the skin I am in and work towards a healthier me. Most importantly though, loving and accepting me at every point in my journey despite what I look like on the outside. And trust me, it gets so very hard at times. Those are some of the things you may find me writing about here. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet.  It is my hope that something I write here may be beneficial, help uplift someone or give a reason for hope.